Budgens Stores Ltd: Global Expansion Recommendations

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Global Expansion: Budgens Stores Ltd. 1
Introduction: Budgens Stores Ltd.
Budgens Stores Ltd. is a large scale chain of food stores in the United Kingdom. It is the subsidiary of Musgrave Retail Partners GB a successful retail corporation in the UK. Budgens Stores Ltd. (branded as Budgens) was founded in 1872 by John Budgen as a small food and grocery store in Maidenhead, Berkshire. He converted his business into a private limited company in 1962. At present, Budgens Stores operates with more than 180 stores in West UK, South UK, and Wales. It is headquartered in Harefield, Greater London, England. Since its foundation, the owners have changed its name several times: e.g. 'Budgens Express', 'B2', 'Budgens fascia', etc. However, these names did not contribute towards its success or build its brand image effectively. Therefore, the name was changed back to Budgens Stores Ltd. The company was acquired by Musgrave Group in 2002 which operates Budgens Stores through self-ownership as well as through franchising agreements with well-off private investors from the local market (Budgens, 2013).
The parent company has always focused on providing the supreme quality of products and customer services at all costs. Therefore, it has set high standards of quality management for its franchisee businesses. Budgens Stores are present in all the major cities and towns of the England and Wales. Despite having strong financial position, brand image, and supply chain relationships, the

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