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Marketing Channels Analyze the challenges that organizations face in the effective transition between selling products using the traditional brick and mortar marketing channel and selling products online. Synthesize the strategies that organizations like Zara and Wal-Mart- two companies that are having difficulty developing eCommerce capability can implement to increase the effortless movement of customers between the traditional and online channels. What are the benefits and limitations of selling through a store front and online? A marketing channel is simply a path that flows from sellers to end-users (customers). Traditional brink and mortar marketing channels can include intermediaries such as manufacturers’ agents, wholesalers,…show more content…
Indirect exporting is when a company sells their product to a third party that will then sell that product to customers in foreign countries (2012). Strengths for this type of strategy are there is little financial commitment, the financial risk is reduced by using the third party, and there is a reduced risk that the future of the product or brand will look bad in the new market (2012). A limitation of this entrance strategy are the company has to rely on the third party to get customers and negotiate the sale prices for them (2012). Direct exporting is when the firm that is entering the market enters on its own and handles their own exports (2012). Strengths of this strategy are the company gets to handle their own exports, they have complete control, the company also has a greater amount of potential returns, and they can maintain a greater profit from their sales (2012). Limitations of this are there is a higher risk involved since the company is handling its own foreign markets, and there is a larger investment in not only money but time (2012). Licensing is when there is a relatively low link to risk that permits the company to enter into the market (2012). The strengths associated with licensing are no large capital investment, the company may be able to get around the restrictions and barriers a country can put up, and the company can charge a higher price for their product (2012). Limitations of licensing are
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