Budget Deficit Analysis

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Across the United States, public schools are experiencing major budget deficits. These deficits lead to a debate over what program or sometimes multiple programs will be cut from schools in certain areas. Fine Arts programs are often the first considered and ultimately cut from schools. More specifically theatre and dance are among the most targeted in arts programs. The National Center for Education Statistics reported, “In the 2009–10 school year, 3 percent of elementary schools offered instruction that was designated specifically for dance during regular school hours. This percentage represents a decrease from 1999–2000, when 20 percent of the schools reported instruction that was designed specifically for dance” (Parsad 40). However,…show more content…
Students face high amounts of stress on a daily basis making the main benefit of dance education stress relief. When an individual dances the body releases the neurotransmitter, endorphins, which serve as the body’s natural painkiller to reduce stress. (Dancing to Relieve Stress par. 3). Another emotional benefit to dance education is the ability for students to express themselves. A journal titled, “Creativity, Self-Expression, and Dance” by Peter J. Arnold goes into detail about the connections between dance, creativity, and self-expression. Arnold claims, “Self-expression in its naturalistic state is perhaps best characterized as a form of emotional discharge which results from an unreflective reaction to a situation or event” (53). He then explains, “It is sometimes said, for example, that activities like creative writing, singing, music, painting, pottery, carving, drawing, instrumental music, drama, and dance help the child or adolescent to act out or aggressive tendencies, conflicts, and tensions” (Arnold 53). These activities may not be available for all students when outside of the school setting, thus removing them from schools would leave students with less opportunities for
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