Budget Management Analysis Essay

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Budget Management Analysis This research paper is a brief discussion of budget management analysis. Budgeting is the key to financial management, and is the key to translates an organization goals or plan into money. Budgeting is a rough estimate of how much a company will need to get their work done, and provides the basis for evaluating performance, a source of motivation, coordinating business activities, a tool for management communication and instructions to employees. Without a budget an organization would be like a driver, driving blinded without instructions or any sense of direction, that’s how important a budget is to every organization and individual likewise (Clark, 2005). There are several expense results with budget…show more content…
The cash budget is another aspect of budget expectation. The cash budget determines how much cash an organization have on hand, and how much is needed to meet each expense. The cash budget will reveal to companies the availability of any type of surplus the company has for short-term investments.
Capital expenditure budget. This budget is needed when an organization needs to invest in major projects and equipments, such as purchases of new products, new information technology systems, in which a management team will conduct a financial evaluation to determine whether the company’s return on investments will be met (Halliman, 2006). Lastly, we have the program budget, which designate funds to groups that need to achieve specific goals. Program budgets do not allocate funds to company departments, but to company’s activities. Program budgets are very difficult because there are no specifics to go on, they usually have to go by an estimate, and try to cover all aspects of possibilities (Halliman, 2006). Since a company’s’ budget is typically based on knowledge from their financial history therefore, if a budget variance occurs, it can be because inaccurate estimates were done, or one or more factors have changed unexpectedly, and the company need to make some type of adjustments to their budget. Once a company discovered a significant budget variance, they will need to identify the cause, and address it accordingly. For example,
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