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Capital Budget Proposal
Initiating a Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) affects between 2 to 3 million people each year. Heart failure is directly responsible for the death of 39,000 Americans every year, and is a contributing factor in the death of an additional 225,000 Americans (National Institutes of Health, 2004). As more people continue to live longer, the incidence of heart failure will become more common. Caring healthcare facilities have the responsibility to assist these patients to improve their quality of life, and help them to help themselves.
In addition to the altruistic aspects of helping our clients, a fiscal feature comes into play. The majority of patients at the studied hospital have
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This is the minimum equipment necessary to open the clinic. Much of the smaller items such as charting materials, linens, thermometer covers, and blood pressure cuffs are readily available in the facility. A proposed budget for the first year to cover supplies, staffing, education, and equipment is estimated at $75,000.
Suggested Vendors and Purchase Prices The facility chose to obtain quotes for the telemetry station from more than one vendor. Since this equipment would be the largest of our capital expenditures, it necessitated multiple quotes. Additional equipment quotes were also obtained in order to provide a comprehensive cost analysis. Datascope provided a quote for the telemetry central station and four telemetry portable packs. Total cost for this equipment came to $29,000. This was the lowest quote received. Datascope also provided a quote for an Accutorr Plus (noninvasive blood pressure monitoring); cost for this piece of equipment will be $2283.75. Phillips provided our second quote for the telemetry station. Total price for the telemetry central station and four telemetry portable packs is $30,750. Hill-Rom quote for two recliner chairs amounted to $645 each or two $1290.
Estimated Costs
Training Costs
Initially, staffing of the CHF clinic will entail hiring one registered nurse three days a week. The nurse will work 10-hour shifts at the pay rate of $20/hr with an annual salary of $31,200. Add an additional 15% to the payroll
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