Budget Questions With My School

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Sitting down and discussing budget questions with our school bookkeeper was the most chaotic 45 minutes of my school week. I always thought being the bookkeeper would be a stressful job because of the amount of money you had to deal with and all of the things you had to keep track of it, not because of everyday office chaos. Our bookkeeper does an exceptional job and our principal agrees that she will probably never find someone to replace her, however with all of the other stresses I could understand our bookkeeper leaving. While I was with Mrs. Banks there were people constantly coming by and asking her to do things. Mrs. Banks does not have her own office and people often treat her like a secretary. Mrs. Banks and I discussed how this is one of the main issues with her job.
She talked about how much she loved doing the budgeting and financing part of it, but how it was extremely difficult to do this and everything else. While I was there she was trying to write six receipts for faculty members and this took over thirty minutes, something that should take five. Every time she went to open the receipt books someone would come in with a question (student or faculty) and she would have to close the receipt book and put it and the money in her drawer to protect confidentiality. She talked about how this could also cause you to misplace money if you were not careful. She said some days she has little money and some days she has anywhere from six to eight thousand…
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