Budgeting And Investment Appraisal : Questions

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Workshop Assignment 3
Budgeting and Investment appraisal
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Paul Brewster
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Accounting 2 Unit level QCF
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Assignment 3: Budgeting and investment Appraisal

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13/ 07/ 2015

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21/08/2015 Date for feedback

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Assessment criteria covered in this assignment. Tutor to complete and to write tasks assessment to cover Pass criteria. Include resources as necessary. R/ P Feedback

This assignment focuses on Learning Outcome 4 and 5:
4. Be able to understand how the budgeting process works and its impact on the organisation

5. Be able to appraise potential long term investment projects using methods like – Payback period, Accounting rate of return, Internal rate of return and Net present value

Assignment 3: `

Task 1:

Most organisations spend an inordinate amount of time and costs preparing budgets for future periods. Budgets may be prepared in various ways – generally two methods may be adopted,…

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