Budgeting For Student Achievement Program

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Budgeting for Student Achievement There are 462 students enrolled in preschool through grade 8 at Laurel School. Enrollment at Laurel includes two sections of all-day kindergarten. Other special programs and models at Laurel School include a gifted education program for grades 3-6, preschool, full day kindergarten, and an Honors English class for grades 7-8, a speech teacher and a guidance counselor. Laurel School is also fortunate to have three state of the art computer labs. Laurel School has a full time technology staff member and a half time technology staff member, as well as a fully staffed media center.
In 1996, Laurel School was designated as a Title I School. At that time, a team of teachers, administrators, and parents began developing a Title I School Improvement Plan. As part of the planning process, a comprehensive needs assessment was conducted and is updated and reviewed each year. Sources of information for the comprehensive needs assessment include: questionnaires, school records, registration information, and achievement data. The assessment yielded valuable information about the culture and socioeconomic status of the community, in addition to specific academic needs and strengths of Laurel School’s students. This school could benefit from more funding to help raise student attendance. We need to make changes to our school process to help keep students in the school and get them to complete high school and seek further education. The parents at
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