Budgeting Planning And Control Of Coca Cola Company

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Budgeting Planning and Control

Company Description
Coca Cola Company is the company that most talented employees would love to work for. The multinational company operates globally. The name is known by almost everyone sue to the diverse and unique nature of the company’s products. Over the years that the company has been in operation, it has exhibited exemplary performance. The company experiences such increased performance due to the exemplary management’s performance. The management consistently adopts strategies that deal with the companies challenges. Among the challenges that the firm has to deal with is that associated with finances (Coca-cola.com, 2015).
Reasons for preparing a budget For the firm to realize its financial goals, it should prepare a budget. With an effective budget, the firm will be able to get a picture of its finances. Without an effective one, the firm will not get such a picture and will this decline in financial performance. The firm also needs to spend according to its priorities. The unnecessary expenditures of the firm ought to be eliminated from the firm so as to further increase its profitability. The firm also needs to know how much is spent and where the funds are spent so as to change the spending habit into better ones and thus achieve the financial objectives. Without an effective budget, the firm will not spend according to priorities and therefore, the company will likely waste its financial
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