Budgetry Control

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Budget is a plan which is expressed in terms of definite members:
Eg. of a plan – Production has to be increased in the next quarter
Eg. of a budget – Production has to improve by 10000 units from the last quarter to the next quarter.

According to ICMA “budget is a financial & / quantitative statements, prepared & approved prior to a defined period of time of the policy to be pursued during that period for the purpose of attaining a given objective. They may include income, expenditure & the employment of capital”.

Budgetary Control – “It is the process of utilizing the various budgets like production budget, sales budget, etc,. for the purpose of internal control”. This is done with intention of
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Planning: A budget provides a detailed plan of action for a business over definite period of time. Detailed plans relating to production, sales, raw material requirements, labour needs, advertising and sales promotion performance, research and development activities, capital additions etc., are drawn up. By planning many problems are anticipated long before they arise and solutions can be sought through careful study. Thus most business emergencies can be avoided by planning. In brief, budgeting forces the management to think ahead, to anticipate and prepare for the anticipated conditions.
2. Co-ordination: Budgeting aids managers in co-ordinating their efforts so that objectives of the organisation as a whole harmonise with the objectives of its divisions. Effective planning and organisation contributes a lot in achieving coordination. There should be coordination in the budgets of various departments. For example, the budget of sales should be in coordination with the budget of production. Similarly, production budget should be prepared in co-ordination with the purchase budget, and so on.
3. Communication: A budget is a communication device. The approved budget copies are distributed to all management personnel which provides not only adequate understanding and knowledge of the programmes and policies to be followed but also gives knowledge about the restrictions to be adhered to. It is not the budget itself that
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