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It is an international phenomenon that travelling is more and more popular due to the high speed development of economy and conveniences of transportation. People choose to travel as a way to relax, to improve life quality and to broaden their horizon. The government encourages the development of tourism because it is not only provides employment opportunities but also promote local economy. The global scale of interests in travel leads tourism becomes one of the most prosperous industry in the world. Therefore, this essay will give an introduction to tourism management in hospitality management and will focus on aspects of accommodation and marketing in tourism management. The notion of tourism is complex and tourism management covers…show more content…
(Kotler,2003 cited in Cooper,Fletcher,Fyall,Gilbert,Wanhill,2005). Market management is to -3- choose a target market, then keeping the customer and making more customers by sending them product they want. The product of tourism and hospitality industry is different from other product. It is called service product. The characteristics of the service product determine that the marketing for tourism will face more difficulties than others. Intangibility is the first feature of the service product. It means that the product can not be seen, assessed and showed before buying it. To attract customer, the marketer could print brochures, make videos, broadcast advertisement to make the product more concrete. Perishability is the second feature. It means that the product in tourism such as accommodation can not be stored like other items. The product needs to be sold as soon as possible because it can not be used for future sale. Therefore, marketers devise pricing policy to promote the product. For example, in peak season, the hotel increase room charge to gain more profit,while in off-season, discount should be offered to attract more customers. The marketing activity for perishability is to make the turnover stable, avoid huge ups and

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