Buendia Family Essay

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The word “solitary” means done or existing alone, the word “solitude” means the state or situation of being alone. In chapers 10-13 I begin to notice more of how the Buendia family is very alone especially by the examples in the previous chapters. The family seems to remain very involved with themselves. Very similar to the reality of the Spanish culture. It is not uncommon to find many of the generations of the same family living in one house or always with each other. The Buendia house always seems to have many relatives within it. However, this is not the only example. The incest of the family is a theme throughout the novel, and somehow it’s a very important factor in the solitude of this family. The family hardly ever turns to any other…show more content…
For instance, Colonel Aureliano Buendia was made famous in his country and the town of Macondo for his rebellion against the government throughout the civil war. However, it was his hand-made gold fishes that he made in solitary in his workshop that made him well-known in his country (pg.77). Each of the Buendia family memebers has individual qualities and attributes that separate him from the others. For example in the novel it stated, “As soon as they took the body out, Rebeca closed the doors of her house and buried herself alive, covered with a thick crust of disdain that no earthly temptation was ever able to break. (pg.99).”
Every person is a mystery to everyone else. Garcia Marquez shows that man often makes life harder than what it should be. Being able to rely on people for help and being social can expand someone’s life, as they have people to turn to when the real problems in life occur, but this is something the Buendia family disagrees with for themselves when they create their own solitude and solitary. By the Buendia family making their own solitude, Garcia Marquez shows how man has a habit of making life harder than it needs to
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