Buergers Dse

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A nursing case study

Presented by: Group 26
Charlotte faith Valeroso
Barbie Joy Tumaliuan
Chramaigne Tumaru
Rovierose Sotelo
Leslie Agngarayngay
Grace Tabanda
Rohmar jones Tingonong
Caroline D. UY

Submitted to:
Ms. Divina L. Malana, RN, MSN

Buerger’s disease is thrombotic and inflammatory occlusion of small arteries and veins among smokers. It is also known as ThromboangiitisObliterans. It involves inflammation and fibrosis of nerves. It results in thrombus formation and segmental occlusion of the vessels. It is differentiated from other vessel diseases by its microscopic appearance. In contrast to atherosclerosis, Buerger’sdisease is believed to be an autoimmune vasculitis that results
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It is important to know and understand its clinical manifestation in order to help the patient manage such.
For the Presenters: This will study will provide an opportunity for the presenters to really know the disease that significantly affects anybody. It will also give them an avenue to show how much they have understood about the disease and how much are they able to share effectively to their fellow student nurses – the simplest and the best way that they could.
For the Audience: This study will significantly give essential insights and raise awareness among the members of the audience. Their wrong notions about the disease will be rectified via the case presentation
For the Clinical Instructors: This study will provide a venue for the clinical instructors to gauge learning competence of the level three students on medical-surgical nursing concepts taught during the previous semester. It will also provide them the opportunity to give supplements and/or updates not known to the case presenters.

The very objective of this case study is for the students to have an in-depth understanding of Buerger’s Disease – its manifestations and management – and its prevention.
Towards the end of the case presentation, the following shall have been achieved:
1. Increased knowledge and understanding of the disease among the student
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