Buffalo State Research Paper

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You shoot up from your warm bed. You rub the sleep from your eyes and glance at the clock, which strikes 6:10. It seems as though your heart skips a beat. The cozy blankets try to keep you enthralled in their warm grasp as you jump from their reach. The bus to Buffalo leaves in twenty minutes and you should’ve woken up an hour ago. You frantically toss on your oversized sweatshirt and leggings and race to the kitchen, in hope that you have time to sneak a quick bite to eat. As you run in, you see that your mother has made you two slices of toast, crisp and crunchy, spread with a thick layer of creamy, melted butter. While running around the house, munching on the perfectly toasted bread, you quick grab your swimsuit and bag, which…show more content…
The frosty morning breeze snaps at your ears and nose as you step away from the warm aroma of the bus, so you rush inside to the sports center. As you scurry in, you are stopped abruptly, meeting a large crowd of strangers gathered in the main entrance. There is barely room to squeeze past anyone, as every swimmer in New York who qualified for States, was in this one building. You finally find your way to the pool. After walking past several team banners, you finally see the banner labelled “Auburn Stingrays” and you spot your mom and dad off to the side, setting up a blanket for you to sit on. You toss your bag down and hug your parents for a final good luck before the meet. After you part from the hug, your hair is tousled by you dad, and they turn to go find a good seat before it gets filled up. “Ten minutes until warm up!” shouts the head coach of the team. You realize that you haven’t even had time to put on your swimsuit yet. You zip open your bag and grab your sleek swimsuit with a blue swizzle to resemble a stingray tail and run to the locker room to get…show more content…
You’re lining up now!” You turn and look at the whiteboard, and sure enough, a big 19 is spread across the top. Although it pains you to do it, you remove your heated, comfy layer of sweats, exposing your newly formed goosebumps, and head down to the pool. When you arrive at the table, a woman checks off your name and tells you to sit in the fourth chair down. It’s only been an hour, and the woman looks as though she has been working for three days straight. You don’t recognize either of the girls sitting next to you. It turns out that the girl to your right is from Watertown, and the girl to your left is from Cortland. You strike up a conversation with the girl from Watertown, and it turns out that you have a lot in common. Gradually, the line would inch forward, and you would be stuck sitting in someone else's chair, in which they had left a pool of water in, so you resort to sitting on the very edge of the chair. About two races before your own, your coach walks by, and starts talking to you, knowing that you are very nervous. “Don’t worry about it, you will do fine! Just remember, the faster you swim, the faster you’ll be able to dry off and get warm again.” You nod and laugh shyly and continue to anxiously wait for your race.
Your first race has finally come. You climb onto the stepping block, and your legs are so unstable that you might as well just fall into
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