Buffalo Wild Wings Essay

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As the Buffalo Wild Wings website famously states, “It all started with two guys driven by hunger ("Buffalo Wild Wings").” In the year of 1981 two men by the names of Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery made the move to the state of Ohio after previously residing in Buffalo, New York. After yearning for the famous buffalo wings they would normally find back home, these two gentlemen had no choice but to open a restaurant and share the delicious delight of Buffalo style chicken-wings they had only encountered on numerous occasions in their hometown. Their initial craving for a food that was no longer in reach was the beginning of a chain of restaurants that served a style of wings that cannot be mimicked. Still to this day, The Buffalo Wild Wings…show more content…
BWW is a family committed to creating loyal customers and has prospered in this area thus far. If one is ever in the mood for a chicken-wing they’ll return for or an experience they’ll never forget, Buffalo Wild Wings is the place to go. Environmental Scan -Economic Impact Over the past decade the restaurant industry has taken a large hit, due to the large economic recession. This has caused prices to escalate in almost every industry. To start, food inflation has nearly doubled the overall rate of inflation (Martin). This increase is caused from the ever-growing fuel costs and demand of bio-fuels from grain. These increased costs have really taken a toll on the restaurant industry. “With lots of key costs spiking, restaurants are pressured to raise prices repeatedly even as their recession wary customers are being hammered by record levels of consumer debt” (Martin). The increased cost of supplies has forced many restaurants to pass the cost off to their loyal customers. Buffalo Wild Wings or commonly known as BWW is no exception. According to Sally Smith, some of her “chain's menu prices have been raised by 1 percent to 1.5 percent” (Thorn). This inflation of costs, to both company and consumer, creates a fall out in demand and ultimately affects the profit margin of the company. BWW has created many promotional ideas to drum up business, as there is no end in sight to the economic down turn the country is currently experiencing. Some promotions include
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