Buffer Trees : Utility And Applications For External Memory Data Processing

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CSCI-B 561 Advanced Database Concepts Project Report Buffer Trees - Utility and Applications for External Memory Data Processing TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Abstract 2 2 Introduction/Problem Definition/Literature Review 2 3 Motivation/How the problem is related to Database Systems 2 4 Algorithms/Methods/Models 2 5 Applications and Example 4 6 Conclusions 4 7 Future Direction 4 References 4 1 ABSTRACT Now-a-days, due to the humungous amounts of data, dependence on External Memory for data processing has increased tremendously. However there aren’t many generic External Memory tools designed for processing the data for a database on the external memory. This report will focus on the basics of buffer tree and some of the possibilities of its utility as a generic tool for processing data on the external memory. For the purpose of study various articles and research papers will be read and a study of the papers will help in explaining the said possibilities. 2 INTRODUCTION/PROBLEM DEFINITION/LITERATURE REVIEW Today users have plenty of high quality and high resolution data present though various technologies and more data keeps on generating in various domains and fields. So the passage of huge data sets between External memory and internal memory of computer is becoming commonplace. However there is a vast difference between data access speeds on internal memory and external memory. Internal memory is very fast while external memory is about 105 to 106 times slower in performing

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