Bug Commander Pest Control Essay

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At Bug Commander Pest Control in Frisco, TX, we offer a rodent removal service that will rid your home of mice and rats. Think you don’t have a rodent problem? Think again. According to the National Pest Management Association, nearly one-third of American households are infested with mice or rats, which means there’s a good chance your home is one of them. The Rodent You’re Most Likely To Encounter In non-densely-populated urban areas, the critter you’re most likely going to have a problem with is mice and, despite their size, mice are almost as destructive as rats - and they carry the same diseases. And also like rats, mice know that the best place to be for food, water and warmth is where humans are. Right now, you may have some furry, little house guests hunkering down in your attic, basement (if you have one), garage and wall voids, waiting till you go to sleep to forage through…show more content…
Usually, the first thing you’ll notice are mouse droppings - those delightful little, black pellets that you find on the kitchen counter or on a bookshelf. You’ll also need to watch for nests made of shredded paper and fibers. These are usually found in storage boxes in areas of the home that are undisturbed like the attic and basement. You may also see gnaw marks on food containers or hear scratching noises behind the wall. Why You Need Help With Your Mouse Problem If you see signs of a mouse infestation in your home, call us at Bug Commander Pest Control for our rodent removal service as soon as possible. Mice can carry diseases like bubonic plague, Lyme disease, typhus and the Hantavirus. Even if they’re not carrying potentially fatal diseases, their feces contains millions of bacteria that can contaminate the surfaces we touch and the food we eat. In addition, rodents are prolific breeders who pose a fire danger because they often chew through electrical wires. What You Can Do Before Help
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