Build-A-Bear: Build-A-Memory Essay

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According to this case, in the 1990s dot-coms were very popular. The walk-in stores were not excelling and at this time it seemed like a bad idea to open one that will be selling stuffed animals. Despite this fact, Maxine Clark founded Build- A-Bear Workshop in 1996. Unexpectedly, Clark’s store excelled quickly and greatly, having more supporters versus non-supporters. Not only is the company continuously excelling in profits, but it is also expanding the availability of its products by the many store locations it has opened. The Build-A-Bear Workshop is an organized world where children are able to create their very own stuffed animal just how they want it. The process has a total of seven stations, in which the animal is fully put …show more content…
What are the implications of each on Build-A-Bear’s actions?

The customers of Build-A-Bear Workshop are preteens from all over the world. The customers demonstrate a social need and the need to learn. In fulfilling a social need, this company offers entertainment to its customers and it also allows them to learn to follow instructions and how to assemble a bear. Everyone needs to be entertained, without fun our world will be a place filled with miserable minds and corruption. Being entertained helps children to have a more cheerful spirit and learning helps them to feel successful and to grow. The customers need to be entertained but wants to have fun with and create an experience with the people at build-a-bear workshop. In addition, they need to learn, but want to learn how to build a bear. They find the Build-A-Bear workshop and experience to be appealing and interesting and wish to be a part of it. Because the customers are able to afford what they want, they are able to satisfy their demand for the entire build-a-bear experience. Build a bear actions are certainly satisfying the needs, wants, and demands of the customers. This company has assessed the needs of the customers and has created their products around those needs. The company has taken the necessary actions to ensure that the customers have an enjoyable experience and a pleasant

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