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Management Strengths Required?

The perception in the business community is that individuals must focus on their strengths to succeed in their chosen field. This paper will look into what the industry perceived strengths are and determine if an individual should truly focus on their strengths or try to add to their existing skill set. By analyzing research, this paper will look into skills the industry has deemed needed to become a top executive in today’s business environment. I often look into my strengths and weaknesses and debate on whether I should focus on what skills have placed me in the position I am currently in or focus on skills I perceive needed to get me where I want to be in the future. According to (Drucker, 2005), individuals should not focus on trying to strengthen skills that they limited on but to focus on areas of strength. I believe this holds true if your strengths are in areas your career sights are focused on. I also believe that as an individual advances through an organization, if he/she has glaring deficiencies in a specific core competency skill attention is needed to address those limitations or career limitations are set on the individual’s career. According to (Eichinger, 2007), each individual has five skills that dominate over all others. The question Eichinger brings forward is can an individual compete with those five skills? Does an individual focus on those five skills if their job doesn’t pertain to any of those
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