Building A 21st Century Digital Government

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Introduction The term Digital Government services is used to describe government services that are available online (DigitalGov, 2015). These include services such as enrolling in healthcare, paying for traffic tickets, and providing information on parks/monuments for tourists. This movement has been in motion since it was called E-Government in 2002. In that 2002 document, a committee was formed to decide how to use technology to improve government services and the information it provided (Civic Impulse, 2016). In 2004, a memorandum came out that outlined policies for how to protect privacy and implement security controls for these digital services (Johnson, 2004). Then in 2012, President Obama put out a memorandum titled “Building a 21st Century Digital Government.” This document outlined a 12-month roadmap that will serve to streamline the process of providing services via the web, as well as, increased security requirements of web biased government services (United States, 2012). Review of Digital Government Website The digital service that this review covers is Ready.Gov. The intended purpose of this website is to educate and prepare Americans about how to prepare for natural and/or man-made disasters (, 2003). These includes how to deal with distastes such as earthquakes, nuclear power plant meltdowns, and terrorist attacks. In addition, this site provides guidance on how to build supply kits, care for animals, and talk to children about what to do in an
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