Building A Better Me?

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Building a Better Me Growing up is like building a house. First, you need a strong foundation to ensure that the rest of your house will be stable. Next, the structure is needed to get the initial shape of the house. Once the exterior is finished, you can decorate the inside to your liking. In my world, my family is my foundation. They were the first people I grew close to and probably the only ones I will always stay close to. The structure of the house is made up of my teachers because they were one of my first role models. They set up the structure of who I wanted to be. Finally, the decorations are my friends. You may have a lot of friends or a few of them, and you may have some you like more than others, similar to decorations in your house. Each of these groups of people have had a different impact on my life and influenced my thoughts and actions as I have grown up. Therefore, the influence of my friends, family, and teachers throughout my high school career have helped me become the person that I am today. My main influence is my family. They were my first real friends, and they are the people that I spend the most time with. My siblings, in particular, were the first people that I really looked up to. This was especially the case as I went through high school. It was really tough going to St. Michael School for the first nine years of my academic career, and then transferring to a new school with a class size of roughly one-hundred students, and only knowing…
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