Building A Brand New Team

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The important decision for IT leaders is to consider how quickly to embrace hybrid clouds, while still supporting their legacy environments. IT organizations have the dilemma of owning and operating critical legacy infrastructure into the foreseeable future, while at the same time building a brand new team and process structure around cloud based environments. “This ‘two IT’ system is necessary because in order for either of the environments to be truly successful they would have to be managed very differently from each other.” Mark Thiele, executive vice president of data center technology at Switch Managing this new model is a challenge for IT leaders. The drastic differences between the old systems and the new processes mean that there…show more content…
And all operations must comply with legal regulations and company policies to ensure that privacy is preserved and sensitive information protected. This requires centralized control for privacy and security issues. Privacy and Security Although the hybrid model offers advantages over the public cloud in terms of security, data moving between platforms, and within the public cloud environment, are still at risk. All data at rest and in motion must be encrypted. Connecting to a public cloud can offer a conduit into your private environment. Any data transferred across a network is subject to third-party eavesdropping and interference, so it must be protected. Nevertheless, it’s not unusual for an organization to discover that a public cloud service has a more robust security strategy than what they have in-house. A hybrid solution requires a thorough review of all your current security precautions and a carefully planned strategy for moving into the hybrid cloud. Despite the integrated nature of the hybrid solution, the public and private cloud services operate independently of each other. Data transports between the environments via a secured connection. Sensitive data remains protected in the private cloud with minimum exposure to risk, and the computing resources in the public cloud are available when needed. Costs An organization often uses public cloud services because it can offload much of its implementation and
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