Building A Building For Building An Emergency Without External Assistance

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In section B1 it is stated that a building shall be so designed and constructed that there are adequate means of escape in case of fire from the building to a place of safety outside the building, capable of being safely and effectively used.The provisions in this Section (B1) are concerned with the measures necessary to make sure that reasonable facilities for means of escape in case of fire outbrake and with structural fire precautions only where these are necessary to safeguard escape routes. It is assume that the occupants of buildings will include a normal proportion of people with disabilities and that, in the design of the building, reliance should not be placed on external rescue by the fire brigade. It is therefore, has been prepared on the basis that the occupants of any part of a building should be able to escape safely from a building in an emergency without external assistance. Where it is proposed to use an alternative approach to that outlined in this Document, Codes of Practice which rely on external rescue by fire brigades are not acceptable. Special considerations, however, apply to Residential (Institutional) buildings. The design of means of escape from a building should be based on an appreciation of the probable behaviour of fire, which has a probability of breaking out in any part of the building and then spread to other parts. The overall design of a building should therefore be carefully analysed bit by bit to determine the danger which might arise

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