Building A Company : An Organization

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“Resources are stocks of nonhuman factors that are available for use in producing goods and services. Resources may be tangible, as in the case of land, labor, and capital, or they may be tangible, as in the case intellectual property, reputation, and goodwill” (porter). In other words asset can be material such as money, property, labor which might be called tangible. They can also be intellectual (educate people, knowledge person, high skill, smart person), notoriety, and goodwill. In fact, in order to create a business or company, we first need resources (assets) which can be cash money, supplies, equipment, and land. Therefore, resources will make possible the establishment of business (organization). Resources are necessary to build…show more content…
The availability of the resources allowed New York Presbyterian to make an improvement; as a result New York Presbyterian is now one the best hospital in the city. Patients will always go to the hospital which has a good reputation. Resources superiority allowed New Presbyterian to become one of the best hospitals with good reputation, which constitute and advantage over his competitors. In fact, if New York Presbyterian maintain, that competitive advantage over a long period of time. It’s called “sustainable competitive advantage”. Competencies: might be defined as “knowledge and skill based and therefore, inherently human and may be a powerful sources of sustainable competitive advantage”. In other words competency is the ability of an organization to something efficiently and successfully. As an example Jacoby Hospital has ability to delivery health care such as knee, hips surgery efficiently and fast than competitors. The efficiency allowed Jacob to be successful and better than its competitors. As result we might suggest that Jacob has a competitive advantage over its rivals. Capabilities: “ability to deploy resources and competencies, usually in combination to produce desired service” (Porter). As an example a health care organization has money. It purchases equipment’s such as MRI and CT machine which represent resources. The organization hired someone to trained employees on the use of the machine. The employees learned how the
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