Building A Computer From Scratch

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Building a computer from scratch is not a very complex task as some people may make it out to be, in fact, it’s easier now more than ever. Through the years since the computer was first introduced, the components inside the machine have become modular, and much more powerful. With the changes in computer designs, almost anyone today can build a computer in a relatively short amount of time, with some help along the way. Before one can dive into the actual computer build process, the builder must have identified a task that the computer will accomplish. A fundamental question that one should ask themselves is “What will my computer primarily do?” If a computer is going to be used for playing video games, the choice of components will be vastly different then a computer that is only going to be used for building Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. For instance, a gaming computer will place much more emphasis on the Graphics Card, as that component makes all the visuals for the game. Whereas the computer used for word processing will have more emphasis placed on the overall speed of the computer, not necessarily one component’s performance:
Will my computer be used to play video games? Will I be doing basic internet browsing and word processing? Will heavy processing tasks such as Computer Assisted Design (CAD) be done? What about any Video or Photo editing?
With your computer goal decided, the proper hardware for the goal can be chosen and evaluated. The example…

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