Building A Computer That Can Handle Any Game

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Computers consist of many different parts that, in order to perform a specific task, have to work in unison. It’s becoming more and more popular to build a PC rather than buying a pre-assembled one because many companies just rip people off. My fascination with building computers peaked when I tried to play a game called Minecraft, but instead of the game loading up as it did on my friend’s computer, on mine it kept crashing. Minecraft is a game where players are all united in one world where they have to work in order to survive. Unfortunately, my antique computer couldn’t handle this simple game; therefore, I never had the opportunity to play it. So I decided to build a super-computer that can handle any game. From that day on my passion for computers extended towards a whole new level. Since I had little understanding about computers I needed to find a way to jumpstart my knowledge. Even before determining what type of computer I wanted to build, I had to first study computers, how they work and the different functions of all the components. Researching online and watching numerous “How-to” videos provided many answers to my questions. Having a stronger foundation in computer assembly, I decided to finally step foot into the realm of building. I switched on my computer and proceeded to the Newegg website, which is a trusted computer equipment manufacturer. Pictures and descriptions filled the page as it was done loading, and I proceeded to scroll through the

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