Building A Construction Of Ghana

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Establishing a construction company in Ghana is very important because of the ongoing growing of Ghana. Ghana wants to become more modern day and start building more houses and more buildings in its cities. Moving an construction company over to Ghana is a good idea because they need construction material to build. The business endeavor is to create a company that will provide construction material to contractors that are doing construction on houses and buildings. The planned market is to sell or rent construction material or equipment. We will have a building set up where we can get parts brought in from the US and equipment. Some of the stuff that will be brought in from the US is like cement, tiles, glasses, iron rods, paints, and plumbing materials. The target market for the company is a construction contractor that needs material or equipment to build in Ghana. The need and demand is high in Ghana since Ghana wants to develop the country and look more modern.
Political Structure & political environment, the political structure of Ghana is good and they want to develop the country into something bigger than what it has been before. Ghana’s political structure is like the US, with a president and a democracy that wants the country to grow and be one of the most powerful countries in Africa and around the world. The political environment of Ghana is also good and I read that there is no corruption. Ghana is doing well in the stability of there government. Ghana does not…
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