Building A Fundraising Strategic Plan Essay

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program receives the first gift, I should thank the donor, by mailing a thank you card, an e-mail or a phone call. In fact, the initial meeting, the asking meeting and the follow up meeting with the supporters influence fundraising success. It is crucial to maintain donors’ contact and involvement. Since, (CPPBC) sustainability is based on creating a legacy, it includes organizational ideas, principles and beliefs and its concern with developing and maintaining relationships and outcomes. Therefore, (CPPBC) develops an excellent planning process that counts for it needs. The plan reflects its mission statement description. The mission statement function is to guide managers to develop agency’s plans based on its values and vision, it involves fidelity, consistency, legacy, leading, planning, efficiency, effeteness and many others characteristics. In general, there are many elements to consider when managers create a fundraising Strategic Plan. The five major principles that compromise an agency’s strategic plan are discussed in the following paragraphs. First, the description of the mission and the vision. The definition of the mission and the vision, includes the organization activities and values. These are considered as the base of the strategic plan. The strategic plan’s declaration determines the vision and goals that the organization is planning on. In addition, it provides the reasons for the goals. Since mission and vision are the first part of a strategic

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