Building A Good Code Of Ethics

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When talking about business ethics, we can define ethics in a form of professional principles, morals or problems that arise in a business environment. This applies in all aspects of business for people dealing in organizations on how they base their decisions in a form on what they feel is right or wrong. Having a good understanding on how ethics plays a role in business environment, will allow a person more insight on how their values and behavior oversee business practises. Building a good code of ethics will allow an individual or organization to create trusting relations, a good reputation among society, inclusive to all demographics, especially those seeking employment within the company along with many other advantages.
Having these advantages are great to have to appear to the public eye as well rounded, but in some instances the code of ethics will not be taken serious by all and therefore many problems can arise. Some examples of this is are conflicts of interest issues, gender relations and for financial reasoning’s. Due to this, organizations and government agencies have put forth laws and regulations to avoid such problems within the work environment. Having these laws are great to have to help prevent such issues, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of organization manipulation and their commitment to those laws. One strong reason an individual would manipulate or not follow the code of ethics is for financial gain/benefit. As you read on, this report it…

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