Building A Good Relationship With Clients

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Building a good relationship with clients can be problematic at any time, but when uncontrollable barriers exist due to a client’s race, ethnicity, or culture the counseling relationship can become even more complex and quite often compromised. Unfortunately, these barriers can be intertwined within many other factors; hence, making it hard to distinguish the relationship between one or the other. Hence, counselors should constantly seek out additional programs of training and knowledge to help them stay current and gain a more in-depth understanding of the needs in an ever changing society. Race, of course, focuses on physical characteristics that are believed to be distinct for that particular population. Unfortunately, people judge and classify others based on one of the most distinctive physical features they see first in a person, whether it is positive or negative, which is typically color or skin tone.
This color association has led to horrendous inequalities and maltreatment throughout history. Society’s outlook has slowly progressed, but racism still remains on many levels; hence, counselors must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to address their own biases or stereotypical views. Therefore, being proactive and utilizing training models like the race-related multicultural counseling competency can help counselors become more self-aware instead of just race aware. This particular model allows students to feel psychologically safe enough to share
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