Building A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program

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According to an article “Build A Great Web Experimentation & Testing Program” of Avinash Kaushik who is the author of Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity, there are 7 recommendations of how to build a successful testing program: 1. First get over your own opinions: If we are running the program it is important that first we get over yourself. If we are going to convince everyone else that testing and validating opinions should be a way of life, we should first truly drink the kool-aid. Bottom line, we will get a receptive audience and change minds much faster, because we are willing to “open the kimono”. 2. State a hypothesis, not a test scenario: The golden rule is: Always start with a hypothesis, not test details or test scenario. If people come to us and say, I want to run a test different box shots, can you swap this image with text, we should try different promotions etc; and then we should turn to the person and say “what is your hypothesis.” It is amazing how many times people are taken aback by that. Mostly because we as humans don’t want to put that much thought into anything. The magic of this question is that it forces people to take a step back and think. They might come back to us and say “my hypothesis is this… or my hypothesis is that…” Bottom-line: Two great outcomes: 1) we can now contribute to the creation of the test, rather than just starting with a “I want you to do this” 2) In every well-crafted
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