Building A High Reliability Culture For Patients And Health Care Workers

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1. Is the institution where you are employed building a high reliability culture for patients and health care workers? What strategies or methods are utilized in your institution to improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of patient care? Although I am someone that is not only new to the institution that employees me, but to the nursing field in general, the appraisal of it building a high reliability culture is difficult for me to compare. Clearly, I have no other sources to reference it to. Accordingly, my early returns would say yes, it is making efforts to improve safety and efficiency for both patient care and its workers. As far as the strategies/methods that I have seen utilized, there have been several. First, here is an …show more content…

This is one way that my institution is building a high reliability culture for patients and workers. A second measure that my institution does, and I am sure most do this as well, is an early morning safety huddle at the beginning of the shift where the RN’s and supervisors get together for a few words. Anything of interest or concern is brought up, any changes of patient conditions that may have transpired over the last couple of shifts and things like that. An additional similar meeting is held around 1400’ish to get a handle on if any RN may need supplementary assistance with any patient care or needs due to unforeseen circumstances that may have come up. Just to assure that no unnecessary errors may occur do to someone trying to hasten the care provided. Just as we have spoken about in the first module, it is all in the means of communication, which even this new nurse has realized it is of dire importance in order to provide effective, efficient care. 2. What is the process of error reporting in your institution? Is it effective? What does your institution do with the data that is collected? Do you hear back about the results of the error investigation? As mentioned above, I am not 100% certain about how this whole process takes place at my institution, mostly due to being so new and not having seen much about the outcome of the data collected on reported errors. This may affect how I

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