Building A Historic Preservation Project

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Working on historic buildings or cultural resources requires a knowledge of history, materials, codes, and procedures. The process of preserving a historic structure is different from working on existing buildings or new construction projects in that they require collaboration between preservationists and design teams. To ensure a preservation conscious project on a budget, there are some processes that have to be gone through. First, to determine a job as a historic preservation project you must determine what makes a building historically significant. Properties may be historic at the federal, state, or local levels. Review boards recognize a property 's historic, architectural, and community value, to determine if a building is worthy…show more content…
This documentation is submitted in the form of a National Register of Historic Places Registration Form, and is used when planning for treatment of a building. Provided a property generates revenue a property listed on the National Register, may qualify for a federal historic preservation tax credit. States may also offer state tax credits to eligible properties. Federal financial assistance, requires a review process known as Section 106 review which aims to minimize damage done to historic properties during the preservation process. Having a project listed on the National Register offers some protection when federal actions could have implications on a property. However, private projects within a National Register listed property are not regulated, though local zoning may demand requirements if changes are proposed for a historic building. Some states have state laws that protect historic properties. State Historic Preservation Offices house information on federal and state
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