Building A More Secure System

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Building A More Secure System
Sean Mitchell
Estrella Mountain Community College
English 102
Studies show that in today’s always online world, users are under a constant threat of infection from various forms of malware. Because the average user now relies on a computer to perform many tasks involving personal information and cannot necessarily be assumed to be savvy enough to protect themselves from all of these threats, the author recommends that operating systems be designed in such a way where security is considered a top priority. Various examples of best practices will be discussed, which when put into practice can help ensure less savvy users enjoy a secure and safe computing experience while still providing an enjoyable experience to users of all skill levels. We will look at some of these practices which have already been put to use by companies such as Apple and BlackBerry to see an example of how these practices are working out in the real world as well as how they can be improved upon.
Building A More Secure System
In the early days of computing, viruses and malware were uncommon. Usually a user would only encounter an occasional virus on a floppy that had been used in an infected computer, and removal was fairly simple. Because home computers were not typically connected to a network, malicious software could not transmit data to a remote system or allow an attacker to take control of an infected system. Furthermore, the average computer user
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