Building A New Pool At The Pendleton Aquatic Center

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On November 1, 2016 the staff of Blue Mountain Community College opened up their pool for use of two more years by the local swim teams. This summer, the local swim teams including Pendleton High School, Hermiston High School and the town club, Pendleton Swim Association were concerned they would not have a pool for this winter’s season and for future seasons. After attending many conferences meetings and fighting for their pool, the swim teams managed to persuade the college board to keep the Pendleton campus pool open for two more years. With these added two years it is vital that the teams move quickly to not only raise money for a new pool, but also to design a reasonable plan that will create interest within the community. Through thorough research I have come to the conclusion that the best solution to this issue is to build a new pool located next to the already existing Pendleton Aquatic Center. Placing a new indoor pool next to the Pendleton Aquatic Center would be cost beneficial because it would already use the existing filtration system. Not only does the location benefit by allowing the facilities to use already existing equipment, but it also brings the pool closer to the high school. Having the pool located closer to the school will allow it to have more uses from the school. As well as keeping the swim teams alive, a new pool will allow for other recreational and aquatic uses. Finally, pools are not meant to be built for one soul purpose. By adding a new

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