Building A Resort On Great Lake

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Goals and Communication Objectives: The goal of this project is to obtain city approval to build a resort on Great Lake, located in Great Lake City, Wisconsin. The project will bring in a large annual revenue and also create jobs for the city, unfortunately the project will effect a rare waterfowls habitat who lives in a slough on the lake. In order to obtain city approval Great Northern will have to address the residents and solve the issue of possibly enraged environmentalists about building the resort. Great Northern will communicate to the residents with three objectives in mind. First, to create awareness that the land has been sold to them to at least 70% of residents. Second, to create a positive company image to the more than half of the residents within one to two months. Last, to change the attitude of those who are against construction because it could hurt the waterfowl and sway people beliefs that the resort will be beneficial to Great Lake Cities economy.
Key Publics: The primary figures that Great Northern will be concerned with while trying to win approval for the resort is the 5-member zoning commission and the separate 9-member city council. These organizations will be the main source Great Northern needs in order to gain approval, and it is ultimately their decision. Although, both groups will most likely want to hear public input on the project. This makes environmental groups a secondary public that Great Northern will need to win over as they are…

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