Building A Safer Healthcare System Essay

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Current healthcare practices today have largely been influenced by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) 1999 report, To Err is Human: Building a Safer Healthcare System. This report delineated many weaknesses in the practice of medicine regarding the safety of patients within the healthcare industry. This report has increased public awareness regarding the need for transparency around reporting serious safety events as well as the need to implement best practices in an effort to increase patient safety. Additionally, Medicare initiatives support the need for increased quality of care as hospitals will suffer financial loss due to declining reimbursement for patient. Patient satisfaction and safety are imperative in order for care to be provided. One effort which can help support improvements in patient safety and quality of care is through hourly or intentional rounding on patients. This rounding practice amplifies the nurse-patient relationship, provides continuity of care, increased safety, and service excellence. Intentional rounding or rounding with a purpose, can be a success, as long as nursing staff understand the full implications and the potential for positive outcomes, and take complete ownership of the rounding initiative. Leadership and nurses need to work collaboratively and be cognizant of each other’s role pertaining to the delivery of care regarding this practice. The purpose of this research is to depict the importance of hourly rounding as a
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