Building A Small Business At An Affordable Cost

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Methods It was determined that the three needs in these existing global businesses are: • The opportunity to operate a small business at an affordable cost. For an individual to run a small business, the shared office space is beneficial because of the low overhead cost that divides costs among other small business owners. In Canada, the concept of shared office space is popular. According to the Canada Innovation, Science and Economic Development there are eleven companies registered and doing business in the capacity of SOS. The two largest firms in Canada for shared office space are Intelligent Office and Regus. These two companies have multiple locations in the global market even in Canada as identified in internet research.…show more content…
The networking opportunity with other business owners in the building is an avenue to gain insight and possible gain new customers. Developing business relationships is important when starting up a new company. Also, the small business owner identifies the importance of having the virtual assistant that helps with the day-to-day operation. In conclusion the methods used to identify the need is interviewing current small business owners who are currently using the shared office space. Also the information presented in the articles about business using shared office space. Competitive Advantage One competitive advantage for this new business of shared office space in Canada would be to have print services which would be included in the price of office rental. Print services will be based on type of rental membership purchased and additional fees will apply after reached print limit. From the research of other SOS in Canada, free print services are not being offered. Inherent Risks Two inherent risks associated with launching these new services are: 1. the short term contract of business owners. Since the
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