Building A Small Town Of Downtown Blacksburg

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What would you do, if your favorite locally owned shops were to shut down? All across America locally owned stores are shutting down due to competition with large corporate businesses. One such case involves Blacksburg a small town located in Southwest Virginia. Located in the center of town, Downtown Blacksburg hosts its fair share of local business. From art stores to yogurt shops Downtown Blacksburg has it all. However, in the recent years local businesses are taking a toll as big franchises are moving in across the street. As big businesses move in competition increases for the local stores and being unable to keep up with the growing competition small businesses ultimately shut down. Steps should be taken to preserve the integrity of locally owned business from big franchises to prevent the loss of local culture that defines a small town. One of the major issues with big corporation moving in is that they affect the overall real estate of the local town. This means that as more and bigger corporation move in the price of real estate increase. As the price increase local business are left defense less. This is because big businesses try to acquire prime real estate. This further increases competition and those who can afford to pay remain, while those who are unable to pay are forgotten. A local resident of Blacksburg Mr. Comaratta, who uses to be an assistant manager at Crossroads, a locally owned music and record store stated, “They raised our rent from $4,200 to

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