Building A Small Town With Its Own Life

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Wangshu said: ‘I want to build a small town with its own life, which could once again, wake up the latent memory of the city.’ Under the trend of globalization Chinese architects are always struggling in how to engage in the trend of globalization and keep its unique culture and tradition. There are a large of numbers of cities in China undergoing a delirious wave of development. Traditional dwellings are demolished everyday replaced by high-rise commercial high-rise buildings which has no characteristic. The image of cities became similar and lost their identity. There are normally two ways to deal with this identity crisis. One way is to build landmark to display it character which always ignore the tradition of the city. An example is the Galaxy Soho designed Zaha Hadid, which as a giant out-space invader intrude in a historical area of Beijing Hutong area without any considering the surrounding texture and culture. The other way is considering the tradition but in fact it just superficially make a direct reference to tradition forms. For example, on the street of Xi’an the first capital city in China, there are a lots of buildings topped with a pitched roof on high-rise to structure or Shanghai Museum which directly mimic a form of traditional cooking vessel. Those buildings always as kitsch for their superficial mimic. Ningbo History museum is an exception which designed by considering the relationship with the past by using contemporary techniques and becoming a
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