Building A Solid Business Organization

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Introduction Businesses are a make-it or break-it conception. They are delicate and could crumble in the blink of an eye or could thrive and make it very far. Businesses are all about maintaining a relationship with customers and knowing how and when to network sufficiently. If a company doesn’t apply these techniques strongly to their business, they could end up with nothing very fast. Another idea is a deprecating rumor about a company that can lead to its downfall. A company is like building a house. If you don’t build the house on a solid foundation, then it will not last. Foundations Many variables go into building a solid business. When generating a new successful business, a business owner has to generate what his or her company’s…show more content…
ADD QUOTE Regulations After a business has grown, the owner is still not finished. The owner must constantly be networking, maintaining the values and purpose, and keeping relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees. ADD QUOTE SWOT Businesses either thrive or they fail. If your business is failing, you need to know why. Analyzing his or her company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be one of the biggest pushers to success for a business. A business owner can use the company’s strengths to better the business. Identifying the weaknesses in the company makes it possible for them to be worked on and improved. If a business owner does not keep an eye out for opportunities, he or she could miss a chance for his or her business to excel. On the flip side, keeping an eye out for threats can protect the company from events that might lead to the businesses failure. (Bromage, n.d.). ADD QUOTE Customer Service The most important key to a business’s success is the quality of the customer service that is provided. A company wouldn’t have very many customers if they didn’t treat them with respect. Customer service is authoritative to the success of a business, because it influences so many areas in the business. The owner has several measures he or she can take to ensure that the business and the employees are offering the best customer service. ADD QUOTE Word of Mouth. Word of mouth is one reason
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