Building A Solid Waste Facility

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In order to understand how to build a solid waste facility you first must understand what solid waste is and how it impacts a community. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is an array of materials discarded by households, businesses, industries, and agriculture. Solid waste is not always in a solid form and can be semi-solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes. Proper disposal of these solid waste materials include municipal and industrial landfills, industrial surface impoundments, and incinerators. Through many useful disposal options waste can be handled as a reusable energy source such as with an incinerator the waste can be turned into energy. Sewage sludge and agricultural waste being applied to land surfaces as fertilizers or soil conditioners can save on disposal and increase production in farming areas. Building a sustainable waste facility can be done and it can be sustainable if managed correctly with low waste having to be placed into a landfill area. In order to ensure sustainability in the community, the community will need to understand that simple things such as just food waste can contribute to climate change. In Greenbiz Magazine, Chaffee talks about how food waste is currently contributing to about 35 percent of the global greenhouse gas footprint. This in numbers equates to $750 billion dollars of food wasted annually along with 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually (Chaffee (2014). In order to obtain and prolong sustainability within our community local
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