Building A Structure And Architecture Of International Security Essay

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organisation. As stated at the Moscow Summit in 2003, the SCO’s view is that today it is more important than ever to pool the efforts of the international community in a search for ways of jointly building a structure and architecture of international security for that 21st century that would be acceptable to all nations.
Mention the member countries and other nations with different statuses.

Organising the SCO: structure and working

Today the organisation is a permanent and fully intergovernmental entity in international law. It has established decision-making organs that are active on a daily basis; the higher level bodies however, still meet annually. Depending on the issue, there are also Councils consisting of different Ministers, members of the judiciary or enforcement agency leaders. The Declaration on the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2001 is the document which establishes its existence on a legal basis and states the purposes the organisation was created for.
Amongst the numerous goals of multidisciplinary cooperation, Article 1 of the Charter mentions the following: “to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the international obligations of the member States and their national legislation; to maintain and develop relations with other States and international organizations”. Moreover Article 2 containing the Principles declares the “SCO [is] not directed against other States and international organizations”. It
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