Building A Structure Of An Earthquake

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1. When building a structure to withstand an earthquake, there are many ideas and strategies necessary to consider in order to create a successful building. In order to conserve resources and manage the limited building time effectively, I had to consider the most important areas to reinforce my tower. For example, my group spent much of our time building reinforcements between joints and areas that would be under strain during testing (such as the bases of each of our tower’s floors). This focus on areas that would be more vital to the survival of our tower during testing proved to be extremely important to my group because we were able to make much-needed last-minute adjustments and improvements to our tower with the excess time that our efficient reinforcement design created. Another consideration that my group had to make when designing our tower was how to build the structure sturdily enough to hold the required weight that our tower must carry during the tests. To do this, my group planned two rigid floors that were reinforced with multiple sturdy supports comprised of straws and popsicle sticks. In addition, my group also secured our floors be securely attaching each one to our tower’s frame with rubber bands, tape, and string. Despite the challenges that these considerations presented during the building and design process of the Earthquake structure project, carefully contemplating and observing each one proved to be a decisive factor in the
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