Building A System From The Ground Up

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Luigi Vittatoe Professor Francis Cirillo CIS3512 Systems Analysis and Design March 16, 2016 "Suggest some of the advantages and disadvantages of building a system from the ground up. If given a choice between a packaged solution and building one from the ground up, which would you choose? Defend your choice." When it comes to implementing a business solution, a common question routinely pops up: Should it be custom built or based upon commercial, packaged products? While it may seem simple, determining the right solutions approach is a complex process. Tech leaders first need to understand specific business processes and take into account strategic goals, external partners, and required systems support, all of which deserve thorough investigation. They also need to evaluate common business factors, such as project and business validation, before choosing the right solution approach. Many organizations often choose an enabling technology before identifying any legitimate business need. Sometimes this "cart before the horse" approach is due to rigid business processes, lack of technical knowledge, or pure product hype, which commands many a tech guru’s attention. Decision makers are very often awed by product suite success stories, dynamite product demonstrations, and industry analysts ' evaluation of technology, even when they haven’t formally identified a need for the technology. To compete successfully, managers need to focus on validating that a business need exists

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