Building A Target Conformant And Flexible Enterprise Architecture

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Introduction: In order to build a target-conformant and flexible Enterprise Architecture, and to put it in a perspective, it is very important to analyse and visualize various academic and industrial frameworks and comprehend and define its concepts. Various definitions describe different architectural processes, systems, technologies, components and their relationships (Taleb et al, 2012a).The following section discusses three industrial and three academic frameworks which provide different viewpoints of Enterprise Architecture. Analysis: Figure 1 Viewpoints on EA Conclusion: An analysis of various industrial and academic viewpoints of Enterprise Architecture provided an insight on the inferences that can be derived from Enterprise…show more content…
The importance of culture and organizational structure and the integration between them is discussed in-depth as well, in order to state the factors that need to be focused on for design of an enterprise. Bernard has further elaborated on various organization models and scrutinized them to justify the distinction between organization and enterprise. Associated risks and process of estimating the cost and benefits are eventually explored, covering several important aspects of EA. Evaluation Enterprise Architecture is defined as ‘a coherent whole of principles, methods, and models that are used in the design and realization of an enterprise’s organizational structure, business processes, information systems, and infrastructure’ (Lankhorst et al, 2012). Over time, EA has become an integral part of organization’s strategy rather than being a mere guideline, (Vaidyanathan, 2005) motivating organizations to design business-aligned enterprise systems. The author’s representation of EA as a strategy, business and technology-driven process and its meta-disciplinary role thus seems accurately described. Decisions taken are often incomplete without an adequate decision supporting frameworks (Narman, 2012). Several organizations have adopted EA frameworks in order to maintain links with other systems and ultimately create integrated systems, similar to building blocks that fit together (Shah and Kourdi, 2007). The author’s knowledge
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