Building A Thorough Change Management Plan For Implementing A New System

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Information system is a system that provides information about the organization and its environment, encompassing all the data processing system of the organization. Feasibility and systems analysis studies have already been carried out which showed that there was no suitable existing off-the-shelf software available in the market that would support Asia Paradise Movies (APM)’s needs. It conclude that the system could probably be implemented using an Internet based solution (such as an intranet + an e-business platform) and a good web database package. The specific characteristics of the new system were defined in the business system options (BSO) as well as the respective technical system options (TSO) of the analysis report. This essay is aimed to to present a thorough change management plan for implementation and to prepare implementation task of a new information system to support the customer-order processing of Asia Paradise Movies (APM) Ltd as an consultant. In addition, this essay is structured as to come up with a suitable analysis of problems that may emerge with the implementation of the new system and propose a change management plan that aims at minimizing and addressing those problems in order to satisfy the requirements outlined by the Managing Director and his staff.
Change Management Analysis
Change management is an alternative term of organization development, namely, change that happens to an organization can be distinguished from changes that is planned
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