Building A Union Is The Best Option For The Workforce Of American Rental Car

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To All Employees, Forming a union is the best option for the workforce of American Rental Car. The main reason to form a union deals with workers’ dissatisfaction with their jobs, specifically dissatisfaction with their wages, benefits, and supervision (Bernardin, 2013). We are all unhappy with our jobs and need to stand up for our rights as employees in order for the management to listen to our requests. Unionizing will help all the employees of American Rental Car the opportunity to speak their minds in a way that the management will have to consider and listen too. Also, forming a union will help us approach the management as a united workforce and not just individually, which will help us make more of a stance against the poor working conditions and pay scale. A survey conducted showed that “83.7 percent of employees would vote for a union, 90.4 percent say that they are much happier with their jobs after voting for a union, and 77.8 percent say they are satisfied with their union membership” (Leigh, 1986, p. 67). These statistics just verify that employees are much more satisfied with their employment after voting and forming a union. In the end, we all want to be treated with dignity and respect and by unionizing it will allow us to have that opportunity and more importantly it will allow us to have our voices heard! If you feel that forming a union is beneficial and would help improve our working conditions, there are a few steps that need to be completed
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