Building Adaptive Defense Against Cybercrimes Using Real Time Data Mining

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Building adaptive defense against cybercrimes using real-time data mining
Baber Majid Bhatti
Head of IT Planning & Design
Ericsson AB
Adelaide, Australia Nouman Sami
IT Provisioning Specialist
Ericsson Managed Services
Abbottabad, Pakistan Abstract— In today’s fast changing world, cybercrimes are growing at perturbing pace. At the very definition of it, cybercrimes get engendered by capitalizing on threats and exploitation of vulnerabilities. However, recent history reveals that such crimes often come with surprises and seldom follow the trends. This puts the defense systems behind in the race, because of their inability to identify new patters of cybercrime and to ameliorate to the required levels of security. This paper visualizes the empowerment of security systems through real-time data mining by the virtue of which these systems will be able to dynamically identify patterns of cybercrimes. This will help those security systems stepping up their defense capabilities, while adapting to the required levels posed by newly germinating patterns. In order to confine within scope of this paper, the application of this approach is being discussed in the context of selected scenarios of cybercrime.
Keywords— Cybercrime; Information Security; Real-time Data Mining; Real-time Data Mining Engine (RTDME); Cybercrime Pattern Recognition (CPR); Threat Prevention and Response Algorithm Generator (TPRAG), Real-time Security Protocol (RTSP);…

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