Building An Access Control System

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Building an Access Control System
The Information Security crew of a University have been assigned a task to install an access control system. As per the requirement provided, the Access Control System should automatically lock and unlock the doors through an electronic proximity reader which should be integrated with an existing security camera system. These cameras are designed to face and rotate to record a person as they use their ID card to unlock the door.
Project Objectives
Goal –“The project aims at installing access control at the dormitory”
Objectives –
1. To meet the budgetary constraints of $24,000.
2. To install the access control system before 1st February 2013
Assumptions and dependencies
1. The dormitory has less number of
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2. Document regarding the sizing of the access control system.
3. Document on selected vendor for access control system.
4. Document regarding the purchase of the access control system and its associated hardware.
5. Installed access control system.
6. Testing report of access control system
7. Delivery report.
Scope Control
If budget changes, then look out for new sources of funds.
If project schedule changes it may require fast tracking, crashing or re-base lining of the schedule depending on the significance of the impact.
Description of tasks
Understand the requirements - Requirement specification is carried out and requirements are given weights.
Conduct a high level feasibility and compatibility study – The costs like economic costs and compatibility of access control system with the existing cameras are studied.
Prepare a detailed project plan – Detailed plan is ready for approval.
Discuss and agree on the set of deliverables – Deliverables are defined and documented
Preparation for project management – The college management discusses with the project team over project management.
Discuss and prepare a communication plan - The college management discusses with the project team over communication to be happened.
Discuss and prepare a testing plan - The college management discusses with the project team over testing plan.
Discuss and prepare a change management plan – The project management discusses the scope changes of the
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